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Check out our frequently asked questions for answers to common questions.
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About the Brand

The Atelier Oyoma Brand is Delta Born, Lagos Bred and Fully Nigerian. We are based out of our studio in Lagos Nigeria. This is where all our treats are conceptualised, researched, developed, created, packaged and shipped.

Ans– Oyoma is open to serve you:

Mondays- Fridays : 10am to 6pm
Saturdays : 12.00 noon- 6pm
We are closed on Sundays.

Products and Ingredients

Ans– No, all our products are tested on voluntary humans only.

Ans– Depending on the treat, shelf life may vary from anywhere between 6 – 18 months. Please see product packaging for further details.

Ans– Beauty has no skin tone, no colour and no shade. Although some treats may fair better on different skin types, our treats are made for all skin tones .

Ans– We send free samples out with orders as they are available at the factory. We like to add a little surprise for our clients. So be on the look-out, you might just get something extra during your next delivery.

Ans– Essential oils are beautifully natural but sometimes even naturally derived ingredients may cause adverse reaction in some people. It is recommended to test on a small patch of your skin before applying products with essential oils all over.

Be careful when choosing which essential oil to apply if you are pregnant, or nursing. Our products are not medicine and are not intended for healing. Therefore the properties of essential oils are not guaranteed and we are not responsible for any reaction to the essential oils.

Please check with your doctor before applying essential oils if you have any health issues, pregnant, or nursing.

Ans– We make a conscious effort to create products that do not require preservation. However, any product that contains liquids and oils is mandated to be preserved to ensure the health and safety.

Our Liquid black soap falls under this category as such has been formulated carefully and properly preserved without the use of chemical preservatives.

Ans– All our products are vegan except for our Plan Bee Soap which contains milk and honey.

Ans– There are no real methods or standards to determine natural or organic products as the requirements to fulfil those vary from country to country. Organic or natural certifications go beyond just having organic ingredients.

Whilst that is important, there are several other factors that are thrown in the mix for any product to be truly called organic. For now, we are paying special attention to how and where our raw materials are sourced ensuring we get only the best quality.

Although our products are made from natural and organic sources we will not make such claims until we find the correct certification bodies to certify us natural or organic.

Ans– Absolutely, our plastics are recyclable and even reusable. Please refer to product packaging for plastic type and how to properly recycle them.

Ans– Our raw materials are sourced majorly from the African continent, we take pride in what we grow here. Occasionally, we will source for, and include wild plant extracts from other countries or continents in our treats. But we pay preference to African grown raw ingredients.

Ans– Unfortunately we can’t share those details as we consider them to be proprietary information.

Ans– Because our batches are small sized and hand crafted with most of our raw materials being sourced fresh, product batches may vary, depending on raw material harvest, factory humidity and sometimes weather during production.

This however, does not compromise the potency or quality of the product in any way, it’s just a perk that comes with handmade treats.

Ans– One of the most consistent reviews we get with our candles are the fact that they still throw fragrance even when they are not lit. Our candle fragrances are powerful but not overwhelming, they fill up a whole room and even an entire house depending on the size of the candle and the size of the house.

Ans– They are both from renewable sources and are carbon neutral, they burn more cleanly and for a longer period of time than paraffin wax. We use 100 percent coconut and soy wax and do not include a paraffin blend or animal wax in our candles.

Ans– Our fragrance oils conform strictly to with IFRA standards which ban certain perfume ingredients (e.g. dibutyl phthalate) and ensure they are VOC complaint. We do not allow you burn pollutants in your environment.

Ans– We encourage our jars to be recycled or as we call it upcycled. Our jars can hold pens, make up items, keys, even potted plants. Be creative, we love it.

Payments | Orders | Shipping | Delivery

Ans-We currently accept bank transfer option for transactions. You will be able to pay online within a few weeks. We do not offer any pay on delivery services.

Ans– You can make payments with your card during check out, or within 48 hours via bank transfer.

Ans– Due to the nature of our treats, we unfortunately do not offer cash refund on any items, we ensure our products pass through quality control before they are shipped out. We will help with troubleshooting any product if required to do so. And if these steps do not work, we will offer an exchange on any unused candle and unopened skincare treat.

Ans– Yes we ship world wide. Local shipping is calculated automatically during shipping. For international orders send us an email mavo@oyoma.ng and we will send you a quote.

Ans– We offer express shipping within Lagos only, Please send us an email at mavo@oyoma.ng to facilitate this.

Ans– Orders are processed between 1 – 3 working days, You will receive an email when your order ships. Usually 3-5 working days for Local Orders (all orders placed on weekends and National holidays will be dispatched on the next working day.)

For orders outside of Nigeria, particularly if payment is being made via international wire, such orders will ship only after payment has been confirmed.

Ans– Please ensure you confirm every delivery for anomalies, if you are not satisfied please call us on 08188999993, or send an email mavo@oyoma.ng and we will process an exchange for you.

Ans– For long distance deliveries, it is possible to recieve semi or fully melted silk butter. While this is highly unlikely, it is very possible. We send out our silk butters with cold patches to ensure they are cool during transit before getting to you.

If you however receive it melted, put it in the fridge for 10 minutes to solidify, melting does not affect the quality of the butter. It preferable to store this butter in a cool dry place away from extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Ans– There are minimum and specific lead time requirements for all custom orders. Pricing depends on quantity, scent/ingredients, etc – for this reason, quotes are provided on an individual order basis.

To create a bespoke order, Please call 08188999993 or email mavo@oyoma.ng.

Ans- Please contact our sales department.
Call: 08188999993
Email: concierge@oyoma.ng

Product Care | Tips & Tricks

Ans – When lighting a soy candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt all the way to the sides of the container. This will give you an even burn and a maximum fragrance throw every time.

Burn your candle subsequently like this to avoid getting a tunnelled candle and not get optimal use for your candle. For subsequent lighting make sure candle is free from wick and match trimmings and light.

We encourage you to please repurpose this jar.

Ans– Please keep the soap bar away from water, preferably in a soap dish with a drain. Artisan soaps are prone to melting faster than detergent soaps as there are no hardening agents in our bar. While we have worked on our formulae to rival the hardness of commercial bars, It is still important to keep the soap bar dry between use.

Ans– Our silk butter performs optimally at room temperature, its important to keep it from both extreme temperatures of hot and cold. An environment that is too warm such as places near windows or heat sources will cause it to liquefy.

A room that is too cold such as a continously air- conditioned room will cause it to harden up more. Its important to find the best temperature balance for your silk butter.