Our Story


Our Name

Oyoma | Oh-Yoh-Mah | /’əʊjəʊma/


Urhobo Language, Delta State, Southern Nigeria.


It’s all Good, All is well.


In the Urhobo language we say hello by asking “Mavo?” Meaning “How are you?”, we respond to that by saying “Oyoma” which means “I am fine, all is well with me”, or “It’s all good”.

Oyoma is definition of what you experience while interacting with our treats. A small zen space or heavenly piece of me time where you can let down your hair and truly feel that all is well not just with your body and homes, but with your mind and soul. It is a deliberate response to make sure that no matter what happens everyday, your joy and peace stays intact.

Our treats are created to help you slow down in this fast paced world, recharge and pamper yourself with intention. It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for the day ahead, winding down after a long one or simply taking a break in between, life will always ask you “Mavo?” Its our hope that because of us, you can always answer “OYOMA.”

Our Values

We believe the human hands have a way of infusing doses of love into handcrafted treats, this is why we choose to handmake, handpour, handcut and handwrap. In a world where mass luxuries are churned in plants, we choose small batch artisan production processes to ensure that we always infuse love and character into the treats we make.

While this lengthens production time and complicates the process, it is the only way we have chosen to create our treats.

We believe nature is the ultimate formulator. We choose to create our products from raw materials freely given to us by the earth. We formulate around these gifts to create treats that are not just beautiful for you, but kind to our environment.

We plan to leave the world better than we met it.

We will never accept to test our treats on animals. All our treats are and will always be tested on voluntary humans only. We also ensure to create mostly plant based products and only use animal derived products that are not sourced from the death of any animal.

We will never promote unrealistic beauty ideals, that contribute to negative self esteem issues and disorders that will force anyone to drastically alter their appearance just to conform. We will also never lie about our products and their contents.

Our ingredient labels are completely true and what you pay for is the actual value you are getting. We do not manipulate our products for any aesthetic or visual appeal. You are our first priority, so we choose to give you something that is actually good for you over one that looks good for you.

We partner with small women corporatives and pay fair wages to get the bulk of our raw materials. They are cold pressed, freshly made in small batches for us at the peak of harvest when the potency of our ingredients are optimal. For every purchase you make, you are giving a fair wage to women corporatives whose livelihood depends on artisan processing and farmers with GM practises are getting premium wages for their produce.

Thus, encouraging a more transperent and organic farming practise that is better for the environment.

Our Founder

Fovwe Ekewenu

I consider myself to be accidental formulator. Never in my wildest imaginations did I ever think I would be creating bodycare and fragrances. But having children shifts you in the most incredible way, it really forces you pay attention.

I paid attention to what I put on my childrens’ tender skin and ultimately began to question what I put on mine. I realised how unsafe most products on store shelves were and I began to research on how to make personal care products safely for myself and my family.

After a lot of trial, error, research and more research, I began formulating for my immediate family and then gifting them to friends who always came back for more and were absolutely willing to pay for them as they did not have to worry about the labels on their skincare anymore. More friends and family jumped on the band wagon and The Atelier Oyoma as a brand was born.

Like Language, Literature, Dance, Culture, Film and Food I believe skincare and fragrances are also powerful ways to tell indigenous stories and preserve history. I choose this as my genre and as my voice.

I look for inspiration in the most unusual places, I translate these sacred knowledge into luxurious personal care treats and beautiful home fragrances, curating only the most potent, wildly grown oils and blending these proprietaries by hand and in small batches, allowing them to work the wonders nature intended without the interruption of fillers or toxins. Simple treats that allow the skin thrive naturally and beautiful scents that allow you to enjoy your personal space all the more.

My passion pours out of my heart into every treat you take home with you, there is also no treat that comes out of our facility that human hands have not nurtured. It is imperative that each batch is made with utmost care and in small batches to ensure that the quality ball is never dropped, not even once. Each product you receive is made crafted with pure love and a very great sense of Nigerian pride.

It is my hope that they create small pockets of blissfulness that gives you something to look forward to everyday.

Our Kindred

A single bracelet does not jingle.
~african proverb.

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