Black Suede


This stimulating experience is powered by wild grown West African herbal extracts and cold pressed oils working hand in hand to infuse powerful cocktails of nutrients that revitalises the skin and reveals your inner radiance. African black soap as the base of this cleanser, is a powerful secret to flawlessly beautiful and velvety smooth skin.

200ml | Gel Cleanser
Suitable for all skin types.

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Scent Profile
Bright Grapefruit and Fresh Mint is amplified by odorous Ylang Ylang.

Featured Ingredients

  • Molasses- Due to a wide array of naturally occuring mineral and vitamin range, molasses promotes healthy skin by accelerating the wound healing process that helps you maintain clear skin. Glycolic and lactic acids in molasses also aid in diminishing the appearance of blemishes and problem spots.
  • Colloidal Silver- The healing power of silver can be traced to Ancient Egyptian kings who would usually store their water in silver pots when they voyage on long trips. Colloidal silver served as an antibiotic long before the discovery of penicillin. Its powerful antibacterial properties promote cell regeneration, speeds up healing and wages war against bacteria.
  • Dragons Blood- This is a rejuvenating powerhouse for skin that has been compromised due to sun exposure, over exfoliation and chemical irritants. This red resinous sap is a high tissue healing agent that combats oxidative stress on the skin, giving it life by stimulating collagen production that accounts for a plump, hydrated and vibrant skin.
  • Licorice Root- Glycyrrhizin in Licorice root extract demonstrates anti inflammatory activities which relieve inflammation, itching, and neutralizes free radical pollution caused by environmental stressors. Glabradin helps to disperse and remove excess melanin pigments, helping to even out pigmentation and blemishes.


  • Gently cleanses skin.
  • Actively improves overall skin appearance
  • Leaves skin velvet soft and moisturised
  • Uplifting and stimulating for the senses.

Our African Black soap base is produced specially for us by small women corporatives who get a fair wage for processing black soap. We have eliminated the middleman to ensure our pickers and processors get a fair wage for all their labour of love. Depending on the season, harvest and processing of the fresh raw materials we use, the colour of each batch may vary in colour. The product you receive may also slightly differ from the picture on the site. The handmade nature of this cleanser allows for slight variations, this does not in any way jeopardise its quality. This cleanser is free from sulfates phathalates, artificial colourants, mineral oils, artificial preservatives and surfactants.


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